Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching is designed to help you unlock your full creative potential, break down barriers, overcome fears, and guide you in achieving the creative life you deserve.

Unlike general life coaching, Creativity coaching is focused more on leading you to results with your creative life work. As your creativity coach I will be your guide, I will help you set and realize your creative dreams and goals.

Creativity is Inherent in us all. It is a force that enhances personal well-being, enables artistic accomplishment, advances scientific as well as business innovation — and empowers excellence in all professions. Creativity is a seed that must be cultivated in order to bloom. The creative process provides a uniquely supportive and engaging environment.

We will explore six Creative Competencies, with activities and insight that encourage growth in each area:

Personal Awareness ~ Focus ~ Imagery ~ Playfulness ~ Collaboration ~ Completion

There will be time to understand creative theory, time for you to closely examine the nature of creativity and better understand how it can enrich your personal life. You will gain an understanding of the significant role Creativity plays in overall well-being.

Coaching fee is negotiable

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About Linda Hansen

With over 30 years as a college instructor and creativity coach and having studied extensively with the Center for Creative Leadership, Expressive Arts Institute and the Creative Problem Solving Institute, Linda has helped her students and clients to tap into the power of Creativity. Linda has applied her knowledge of Creative leadership in her own career and has a track record of success.

As one of the members of the founding team of Alternatives, Inc. a Non-Profit providing youth the benefits of Creativity, she has served for over 40 years as a leader of this phenomenal group. She expresses her own Creativity as a visual artist and enjoys working in various art forms such as painting and multi-media collage. Her work has appeared at galleries and shows throughout the Hampton Roads area.