“The creativity work I have done with Linda has helped me develop new ideas, new ways of thinking and has allowed me to express my feelings and emotions without judgment. It has increased my empathy for others, which has allowed me to see in new ways what others are going through.”
~ Shireen

“I’ve been so inspired by Linda Hansen’s lifelong quest to understand the essence of creativity.  And my life has been impacted positively by her generosity in sharing her findings. Her creativity workshops have been fun, challenging and very helpful stepping stones in my own exploration of creativity.”
~ Jenny

“I feel so fortunate to have shared a creativity space and group connection with you for more than two years. In this work together, you have shown and modeled for me, the real essence of my innate creativity, especially in visual art realms. Your tender care of each one’s creative spirit has offered me a way towards genuine self-acceptance and a joy in the process of creating.”
~ Annie

“Linda’s path of Creativity is one of openness and trust, allowing release and movement of energy to find your inner joy. I am so grateful for her generosity of spirit as well as her depth of wisdom and experience that create a safe and beautiful space to explore and enjoy the many aspects of Creativity.”
~ Clair