Meher Baba


The path of love. Meher Baba gave no importance to rites, rituals, or religious ceremonies, but attached the highest significance to love for God. Divine love, He said, recognizes no barrier of caste, creed, religion, race, sex, or nationality, as it spreads directly from heart to heart. Affirming the validity of all paths to God if sincerely followed, Meher Baba directed His own disciples and followers to lead simple, natural lives of love and honesty, attending faithfully to worldly responsibilities while remembering God or the Master inwardly and dedicating all action to Him. Meher Baba’s worldwide following today continues to love and honor Him not merely as a great spiritual teacher but as the actual divine Beloved or Manifestation of God in human form. Though in keeping with His wish they have refrained from creating any cult or religion, they maintain the centers that He established at Meherabad in India, at Myrtle Beach in the United States, in Woombye, Australia, and other centers elsewhere, which host visitors and serve as points for the dissemination of His message of love and truth.